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Sat Sep 11 10:34:20 PDT 2004

On Saturday 11 September 2004 01:05 pm, you wrote:
> On Mon, 6 Sep 2004, Anish Mistry wrote:
> > Well I guess this is my lucky day.  Apply the attached patch for vm_mmap
> > to your kernel and patch the August wine sources with the wine-mmap.patch
> > and compile and install wine (be sure to use gmake).  This is working on
> > my dev system with 6-CURRENT as of Saturday night.
> I currently do not have a 6-CURRENT (or recent 5-STABLE) machine
> available, and we probably can't require users of our wine port to
> patch their kernel, so we'd really need to see that in a stock kernel.
> Is there any chance someone could review/apply that patch=
You're the first to reply, and we need a few other people with RELENG_5 or 
HEAD to test.
> > The wine mmap patch just doesn't reserve the DOS area so DOS programs may
> > not work.  This seems to just work around a side effect of the kernel
> > mmap patch.
> This i can get into Wine quite easily.
A proper patch for this would be just to #ifdef __FreeBSD__ around that line.
> > I still think that the kernel mmap patch has issues so I'm hoping Alan
> > can give us some feedback.
> Alan?
> > Anyway this worked for me, YMMV.
> Thanks a lot!
> Gerald

Anish Mistry
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