page fault in sched_pin()

Brad Knowles brad at
Sat Sep 11 08:51:26 PDT 2004

At 3:41 AM -0700 2004-09-11, Julian Elischer wrote:

>  I am not sure why this appeared to work on my system. My only thought is that
>  I wasn't booting off the kernel I thught I was booting off. There was a big
>  rush to get it in before scott changed the name.

	Correct me if I'm wrong, but we're in freeze for RELENG_5 
preparing for it to become the new -STABLE branch, right?  Should not 
this change have been made only to HEAD, and then merged to RELENG_5 
if it was found to be necessary?  Assuming that's the case, then why 
the rush?

	I'm just curious as to how a mistake like this could have made it 
into both -HEAD and RELENG_5 simultaneously....

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