Still getting warning messages for rc.conf & default/rc.conf entries

Andrew J Caines A.J.Caines at
Thu Sep 9 18:28:22 PDT 2004


> I will probably recompile the whole system.

Waste of time and of no relevance to the problem. If you want to do
something again to ensure currency, remove and cvsup your sources.

> Have only used mergemaser  once, and somehow everything became a mess. 

Having used it many times in many situations since before it was part of
the system and given the lack of any avalanch of reports on the lists, I'm
quite confident you messed it up and that mergmaster works very well.

> Now I just compare  timestamps and do it manually.

You are certainly missing some steps which mergmaster handles.

No comment on recompiling /etc/rc.

I suggest following my earlier advice and running mergmaster.

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