5.3-BETA3 serial console

Mike Hunter mhunter at ack.Berkeley.EDU
Thu Sep 9 15:21:33 PDT 2004

On Sep 09, "Marian Hettwer" wrote:

> Mike Hunter wrote:
> >On Sep 08, "Marian Hettwer" wrote:
> >
> >Sorry this doesn't answer the question, but what's the status of using
> >"-h" in /boot.config instead of mucking with the /etc files?  Is that The
> /boot.config is toggling around with the serial console for the boot 
> loader and the bootup process.
> /etc/ttys is needed to enable a serial console after the bootprocess is 
> finished. Thing of something like a getty in Linux running on ttyS0 ...
> at least this is how I understood serial consoles in FreeBSD-4 ...
> If I was wrong, I'm sure somebody on this list would correct me ;)

You're right.  The quick config section of the handbook reads:

   1.  Connect the serial port. The serial console will be on COM1.
   2.  echo -h > /boot.config to enable the serial console for the boot
       loader and kernel.
   3.  Edit /etc/ttys and change off to on for the ttyd0 entry. This
       enables a login prompt on the serial console, which mirrors how video
       consoles are typically setup.
   4.  shutdown -r now will reboot the system with the serial console.

I just don't remember doing step 3 for the life of me, but I see that
either I or the hacker who 0wns all my boxes did :)


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