SIO Interrupt storms and unhandled interrupts

M. Warner Losh imp at
Thu Sep 9 14:41:24 PDT 2004

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            Mike Tancsa <mike at> writes:
:          Thanks for the response!  We found a different solution / approach 
: which seems to work on both RELENG_4 and RELENG_5.  The problem is that the 
: modem is not being seen as a PCI / PUC device and instead is being seen as 
: an ISA SIO device ??  The following RELENG_5 and RELENG_4 patches seem to 
: fix the problem.  I wonder if the other modems listed in sio.c suffer the 
: same fate ?
: Also fixed in this are those "cant re-use leafs" at bootup time.  The modem 
: is seen as a PUC device now....  At the bottom is a diff between the boot -v

I like this fix!  I'll see if I can find to commit it.


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