BETA3 showstoppers (read: critical bugs)

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Thu Sep 9 13:46:16 PDT 2004

> Date: Wed, 8 Sep 2004 21:22:26 +0000 (UTC)
> From: Patrick Guelat <pg at>
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> On Tue, 7 Sep 2004, Alexandre "Sunny" Kovalenko wrote:
> > FWIW: I have autonegotiation problems between Cisco switches and way too
> > many pieces of equipment to list here (including, but not limited to:
> > several models of IBM RS/6000, couple of Sun boxes, fxp & bge under
> > Windows/Linux/FreeBSD, etc.). Forcing speed to 100-FDX solves the
> > problem for good.
> Ever thought about about upgrading those cisco switches ? There were
> a lot of bugs readrding autonegotation in early catalyst ios releases.
> Most of them are fixed since years.

Auto-negotiation is and will probably remain a major pain.

I work in network operations at a large, high-end computer show every
year. We typically have over 100 network drops, most at 1 Gb/s or higher
and multiple OC-192s (10 Bb/s SONET) to the outside world.

Every year when the drops are connected, a number don't work. The
problems are ALMOST always auto-negotiation. This is new,
state-of-the-art equipment from major vendors of both switches and
routers. The problem does not seem to be getting worse, but it is not
really improving, either. The problems are NOT close to the majority,
but they are far from rare.
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