DMA-aware drive runs at PIO since upgrading to 5.3beta

Mark Daniel Reidel changethis at
Wed Sep 8 21:48:15 PDT 2004

Hi there!

Since I upgraded from a current as of end of July to 5.3 beta2, I noticed, 
that by CDRW now runs on PIO4 which is quite annoying, since it was running 
on WDMA perfectly well before :o( My other drive, a DVD is detected fine, 
here's the dmesg snip:

ata0-slave: pio=0x0c wdma=0x22 udma=0x42 cable=40pin
ATAPI_RESET time = 40us
ata0-master: pio=0x0c wdma=0x22 udma=0xffffffff cable=40pin
ATAPI_RESET time = 10us
ata0-master: setting PIO4 on VIA 82C686B chip
ata0-slave: setting PIO4 on VIA 82C686B chip
ata0-slave: setting UDMA33 on VIA 82C686B chip
acd0: <PLEXTOR CD-R PX-W5224A/1.02> CDRW drive at ata0 as master
acd0: read 6890KB/s (6890KB/s) write 8958KB/s (8958KB/s), 2048KB buffer, PIO4
acd0: Reads: CDR, CDRW, CDDA stream, packet
acd0: Writes: CDR, CDRW, test write, burnproof
acd0: Audio: play, 256 volume levels
acd0: Mechanism: ejectable tray, unlocked
acd0: Medium: CD-ROM unknown
acd1: <Pioneer DVD-ROM ATAPIModel DVD-105S 0122/E1.22> DVDROM drive at ata0 
as slave
acd1: read 2750KB/s (6875KB/s), 512KB buffer, UDMA33
acd1: Reads: CDR, CDRW, CDDA stream, DVDROM, DVDR, packet
acd1: Writes:
acd1: Audio: play, 256 volume levels
acd1: Mechanism: ejectable tray, unlocked
acd1: Medium: no/blank disc

Any idea why it's doing this? My other PC at work has a CDROM which is also 
now run on PIO4 instead of DMA since the upgrade, so I guess it's nothing 
specific to my hardware since I have an Athlon and a P4 at work.
Any help would be appreciated, because burning at PIO4 is not what I'd like 
to to from now on as you can imagine ;o)

	- Mark

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