FreeBSD 5.3 Bridge performance take II

Daniel Eriksson daniel_k_eriksson at
Thu Sep 9 02:38:51 PDT 2004

Robert Watson wrote:

> If you're not already disabling harvesting of entropy on interrupts and
> in network processing, you really want to for performance purposes.

How do I disable this without causing entropy starvation for "typical" use
cases (ssl? ssh?)? I googled a bit and found nothing at all about how to
disable excessive harvesting.

# sysctl -a | grep harvest
kern.random.sys.harvest.ethernet: 1
kern.random.sys.harvest.point_to_point: 1
kern.random.sys.harvest.interrupt: 1
kern.random.sys.harvest.swi: 0

These are the knobs I know about. Is it enough to turn
kern.random.sys.harvest.ethernet and kern.random.sys.harvest.interrupt to 0,
or are there other things I need to do too?

/Daniel Eriksson

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