Still getting Signal 6 with BETA3

Ketrien I. Saihr-Kesenchedra ketrien at
Thu Sep 9 02:37:12 PDT 2004

Willem Jan Withagen wrote:

> Hi,
> I've been away for a week, so I've missed a part of the discussion on 
> signal 6, but I'm still getting them. Running AMD64 on dual opteron 
> with 1 Gb.
> Anything I can do to help fix this??
> I also found a panic on my screen this morning but I'll put that in 
> another thread.

I'll one up that. 5.3-BETA1 -and- 5.3-BETA3 produce sig10 and sig11 on 
90% of world, including sendmail, sshd, and more on the 4-way I'm 
working on here. I could go back to the 5.3-BETA kernels, but they've 
both done the ffs_alloc free panic that was discussed recently on this 
box when buildworld's been attempted, and ata from RELENG_5 branch of 
about two hours ago just hardlocks the box. That's wonderful. Especially 
since it has an LSI Ultra320-0 and I need ata so that we can debug the 
amr(4) panics at boot, which kept the box unusable.
When the amr panics started making themselves known, they've been 
combined with a broken world, so basically 5.3-BETA's been completely 
unusable period. Only way it's run is with ACPI turned off, which means 
I've got one of four CPUs going. ACPI just hardlocks. (Didn't do that on 
5.2.1-RELEASE.) If I'm lucky I can get ata to sometimes boot the 20G IDE 
I threw on the box just so I can try and debug amr(4). I say sometimes 
because 9 in 10 times, it just hardlocks the box. Including off RELENG_5 
from about 2 hours ago.
Talk about exposing showstoppers. I'd share the ffs panics, but I'd need 
panics that didn't get halfway through printing without hardlocking the 
box, or working ata so I could boot the box. 5.2.1-RELEASE just 
hardlocks at init. So kindly don't bother me with demands for more 
detailed information on the panics and hardlocks. If I had more 
information, it'd be directly in the hands of people who need it. The 
ffs panics are the same ones I saw mentioned before, XfastFree and what 
have you.
Yeah. I'm justifiably grumpy. Been fighting this box since last week, 
and have yet to get anything on it that actually works, save Win2k3 
beta. (Linux doesn't count as working. Don't ask.)

-ksaihr / ketrien at error404 dot nls dot net
 "Yeah. It's sleep deprivation. Don't worry, you get used to it eventually."

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