panic: deadlock in setrunqueue

Julian Elischer julian at
Wed Sep 8 12:30:29 PDT 2004

wow that's a lot of threaded processes :-)

is this with SCHED_4BSD? (looks like it).

interestigly the thread that is being originally put on the run queueu 
(0xc1536320) doesn't appear in teh ps at all!

as you have the coredump, can you look at that thread structure?
also look at the td_sched field and what it points to..
you may need to do
p *((struct td_sched *)(struct thread *)0xc1536320->td_sched)

you could get to it by going
"up 13" and looking at teh structures pointed to by: td, newtd, 
newtd->td_ksegrp td->td_proc, and newtd->td_proc
(if it is a different proc to the other one).

Peter Holm wrote:

>With GENERIC current from 8 Sep 06:55 UTC.
>Details at

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