Idea for date(1) improvement.

Brad Knowles brad at
Wed Sep 8 04:09:53 PDT 2004

At 12:51 PM +0200 2004-09-08, Poul-Henning Kamp wrote:

>  Anyone up for making it possible to say:
>  	date -w "2 days ago"

	I think that's a very good idea.  Could we centralize that kind 
of code in a library somewhere and get everyone to call it instead of 
re-inventing that wheel?

	Another idea I've been thinking about is looking at a special 
file or directory somewhere early in the boot process, and making 
sure that the date/time stamp is set to be at least as recent as 
that, before the network is up and you can start ntpd, etc....  This 
should help those people who have CMOS battery problems when their 
system is rebooted and the clock gets set to extremely weird values, 
which can make it more difficult to get ntpd in a sane mode.

	Maybe the atime of /?

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