RFC: 5.3 Migration Guide

Patrick Guelat pg at imp.ch
Tue Sep 7 11:00:40 PDT 2004

On Mon, 6 Sep 2004, Bruce A. Mah wrote:

>> On Sun, 2004-09-05 at 20:06, Michael Nottebrock wrote:
>> Users should really rebuild ALL ports when upgrading from 4.X to
>> 5.3-RELEASE.  Only simple applications that only rely on libraries in
>> compat4x will work correctly.  Others, for example GTK+ apps, may link
>> to both libc_r.so.4 and libpthread.so.1.  That could spell disaster.

Don't panic ;-) Here at work we're running our DOCSIS cabletv provisioning
suite on 5.3 which is (up to now) entirely developed and built on 4.10,
including Mysql, sendmail, perl, c++ based own dhcp server, tftp server,
apache with php, etc.  without any problems. The only problem encountered 
so far is a 'readline'-library issue which leads to occasional SEGV when
using the mysql client.

This stuff is all running with /usr/ports/misc/compat4x installed, and some
of them are indeed threaded apps (i.e. mysql).

Of course as soon somebody starts to upgrade individual package that
have dependencies, all dependencies should also be upgraded. Maybe 
it's really time to tell the folks about 'portupgrade' ?


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