5.3 BETA 3 reboots when using CD

Juho Vuori juho.vuori at kepa.fi
Tue Sep 7 03:05:10 PDT 2004

I've got a freebsd 5.3 beta 3 machine that suddenly reboots when using 
audio CDs. It is fairly easy to reproduce by inserting a audio cd into 
the drive and playing it, ejecting, playing, etc. But it seems to be 
somewhat random when this happens. I've triggered the bug at least by 
just inserting the CD to the drive and by starting to play the CD. I had 
5.3 beta 1 installed and never experienced the problem with it, but it 
might be because I never used audio CDs in that version of the OS. 5.2.1 
definitely hadn't this problem. I've got a CDRW and a DVD drive attached 
to the same IDE interface, and I use the DVD drive to play the CD. 
Otherwise, my hardware is just vanilla PC components.


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