xorg & KDE 3.3 startup issues in 5.3 BETA3

Michael Nottebrock michaelnottebrock at gmx.net
Mon Sep 6 19:28:46 PDT 2004

On Tuesday 07 September 2004 04:13, Daniel O'Connor wrote:

> Not to mention it also has a 'default' - I really don't know what that does
> :(

'default' is 'KDE'. I don't really know myself while it doesn't just put KDE 
(default) into the list of session types...

> It seems like a POLA violation given that it isn't the default to act like
> xdm.

I personally think that defaulting to the last selected session is pretty 
reasonable, and defaulting to KDE when no last selected session is available 
is at least understandable (given that it's the KDE display manager). However, 
if you disagree, by all means file a wish at http://bugs.kde.org ...

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