No keyboard with Gnome and (and gnome loaded behind KDE)

Esaltato esaltato at
Mon Sep 6 01:24:11 PDT 2004

Joe Marcus Clarke wrote:

>On Fri, 2004-09-03 at 05:53, Esaltato wrote:
>>I got a problem with GNOME since switching to xorg. On KDE everything is 
>>fine, but on Gnome 2.6 (all my system has been portupgraded yesterday) 
>>my keystrokes are blocked; as I type the text cursor stops blinking and 
>>nothing gets written. If I press ctrl, shift and some letters a lot of 
>>times it may happen that I can write sometimes, but only as long as I 
>>hold shift down and I don't change the writing focus. It seems like if 
>>my keys command are getting intercepted. This only happens as root.
>>I want to point out that I've been throughly searching for solutions, 
>>and that not a solution proposed on the net has solved this.
>>It may be related to the problem of this message popping up on Gnome 
>>(which I don't have, let's clarify it now, more on this later):
>>:::::::start message
>>Error activating XKB configuration.
>>Probably internal X server problem.
>You need to read /usr/ports/UPDATING.

I won't tell to read my original email, just read the answer to the 
other mail and you'll get it. Maybe I should start typing everything 
with caps lock on.

The problem is still here anyway, I hope to see something getting better 
in "xorg with gnome keyboard problems".

>>Any idea? I seem the only one with this problem. As for now, I'm 
>>sticking with KDE, but I need/want GNOME.
>>Oh, just another thing that may be related, but I don't think is, but 
>>anyway is annoying: when I go to the desktop properties and hide my 
>>icons from the KDE desktop my GNOME desktop comes along, with all the 
>>icons (just some of them are blank, since gnome is not completely 
>>loaded) (and yes, keyboard works). Moreover the GNOME desktop picture 
>>comes up when I turn off my PC: why? Is a part of GNOME being loaded 
>>aside with kde/kdm?
>No clue.  Perhaps somewhere you're starting Nautilus.
I'm not. Something other is happening.

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