ATTN Soren: BETA3 still hangs on ATAPI DVD Detection during boot

Søren Schmidt sos at
Sun Sep 5 23:28:56 PDT 2004

Thomas T. Veldhouse wrote:
> Søren Schmidt wrote:
>> You need to run -current to get the latest fixes, they have not made 
>> it in before BETA3 was cut. I have not had time to do it and nobody 
>> else seem to have felt it was important enough to even offer to help...
> You mentioned earlier to just copy the CURRENT files 
> /usr/src/sys/dev/ata/* over into the 5.3-BETA and rebuild the kernel 
> (GENERIC, no optimizations).  I just did that today with the 19:30CDT 
> CURRENT kernel sources and I am still seeing this hang.  Should I be 
> looking elsewhere for this fix (i.e. ACPI)?

That should do it yes, however if you are still experiencing 
lockups/hangs you shoudl disable ATAPI DMA in loader.conf and see if 
that helps.


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