Deprication of the gx(4) driver - superseded by em(4) ?

Simon L. Nielsen simon at
Sun Sep 5 14:49:49 PDT 2004


As far as I know all devices supported by gx(4) is also supported by
em(4).  The em(4) driver also supports other devices and is actively
maintained, so is there really a need to keep gx(4) around?

I ask now since as far as I know the normal/"correct" policy for
removal of a driver would be to mark it deprecated in one major
release and then remove it in the next one.  So, if we mark it
deprecated in 5.X now before 5.3, it could be removed in 6-CURRENT.

So, am I missing some reason to keep gx(4) around... ?

Simon L. Nielsen
FreeBSD Documentation Team
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