mysql on recent RELENG_5

Harald Schmalzbauer h at
Sun Sep 5 12:36:15 PDT 2004

Am Sonntag, 5. September 2004 17:18 schrieb Oliver Brandmueller:
> Hi Scott.
> On Sun, Sep 05, 2004 at 08:51:51AM -0600, Scott Long wrote:
> > I've built MySQL 4.0 server & client from /usr/ports several dozen times
> > over the past month with many different options and I've never had a
> > problem and have never had to set CPUFLAGS in make.conf.  This is on a
> > Pentium-4 system.  Mabye I'm missing something here?
> Building and running the mysqld works just fine, you can connect with no
> problems through the socket. But did you also try to connect through the
> network, something like:
> mysql -h -u root -p

There is another PR besides 70889, it's from February 04: 62845
I also reported this problem to this list on July 8th (subject: -current mysql 
error) and Cris Vance told me to remove the libwrap from the Makefile of 
mysql-server, like mentioned in PR 62845


> ? This crashes mysqld (which is then restarted by the wrapper). You get
> an error logging in and in the log of MySQL you find something about
> sig11.
> - Oliver
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