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Marc Fonvieille blackend at
Sun Sep 5 12:03:47 PDT 2004

On Sun, Sep 05, 2004 at 03:05:32PM -0400, Mathew Kanner wrote:
> 	Could you add that the easiest way to configure you sound in 5.X+
> is to:
> tube# kldload snd_driver
> tube# cat /dev/sndstat 
> FreeBSD Audio Driver (newpcm)
> Installed devices:
> pcm0: <CMedia CMI8738> at io 0xb800 irq 11 kld snd_cmi (1p/1r/0v channels duplex default)
> pcm1: <Creative EMU10K1> at io 0xb400 irq 5 kld snd_emu10k1 (4p/2r/0v channels duplex)
> 	for each kld snd_foo
> 		echo snd_foo_load="YES" >> /boot/loader.conf
> 	This method works because snd_driver is just dummy module that
> loads all[1] the sound modules. (Oops, just noticed I missed uaudio).
> 	Also, KLDs are the preferred method for sound usage and that ISA
> cards likely won't need a hint (PNP).
> 	--Mat
> [1]  It only loads the sounds modules that it knew about at compile
> time.  Some sound modules are provided "third party" such as in the
> ports, such modules will be missed by this method and will have to be
> specifically loaded.

You did not read the link :(


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