KQUEUE/TTY related panic

Maxim Maximov mcsi at mcsi.pp.ru
Sun Sep 5 02:03:26 PDT 2004


	Just got a panic when dropped into DDB by Ctrl-Alt-Esc, issued 'show 
witness', pressed ScrLk, pressed PgUp ten times, then PgDn. Then 
released cursor by pressing ScrLk again.

db> panic: blockable sleep lock (sleep mutex) tty @ 
cpuid = 0
boot() called on cpu#0
Uptime: 2m22s

	Machine freezes completely here. Keys didn't work. Reset helped.
	Tried exactly the same actions after reboot - exactly same effect.
	Machine is SMP, HTT, WITNESS enabled, today's HEAD.
	Dmesg is at http://mcsi.pp.ru/dmesg.boot

Maxim Maximov

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