[PATCH] poll() hang with X apps

Maxim Maximov mcsi at mcsi.pp.ru
Sun Sep 5 01:06:24 PDT 2004

Robert Watson wrote:
> On Sun, 5 Sep 2004, Maxim Maximov wrote:
>>Doug White wrote:
>>>Attaching to an earlier message here...
>>>rwatson and I may have a solution to the poll() hangs you have been
>>>experiencing. Try downloading and applying this patch:
>>>This seems to stop the hangs on my test system (2x600MHz P3 with XFree
>>>4.3). I'll test it with its partner, a RELENG_5 box with either Xorg or
>>>XFree86 4.4.  Please test it and get back to us if its working for you.
>>Oh my! I'm recompiling my kernel already! 
>>I began to think that this problem was abandoned, but there were work
>>going on! Thank you and Robert! 
> Yeah, I had a good idea about what the problem might be, but I couldn't
> reproduce it here.  Happily, Doug could and was willing to spend a lot of
> time with the debugger to track stuff down.  Turns out it may have been a
> potential race I tagged when I was originally reviewing that element of
> socket locking, but hadn't yet had a chance to revisit.  If the patch
> fixes it, wonderful!  If not, there are one or two other things in the
> polling/select code that could use review.  Assuming this patch does fix
> the problem for you (it did for Doug), I'll get it merged into HEAD
> tomorrow, and RELENG_5 a few days later.
> Thanks for your bug report, and we'll see how it goes :-).

It goes very well. Easily reproducible xscreensaver hacks hangs 
described by Doug are gone for me too. I believe the patch also solves 
my dockapp problems. I haven't seen any wmdockapps hangs yet, but they 
are harder to reproduce, so only time will tell.

I guess this patch should be merged anyway. At least for xscreensaver 
related hangs :)

Maxim Maximov

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