[PATCH] poll() hang with X apps

Maxim Maximov mcsi at mcsi.pp.ru
Sat Sep 4 22:46:57 PDT 2004

Doug White wrote:
> Attaching to an earlier message here...
> rwatson and I may have a solution to the poll() hangs you have been
> experiencing. Try downloading and applying this patch:
> http://www.watson.org/~robert/freebsd/netperf/20040905-sopoll.diff
> This seems to stop the hangs on my test system (2x600MHz P3 with XFree
> 4.3). I'll test it with its partner, a RELENG_5 box with either Xorg or
> XFree86 4.4.  Please test it and get back to us if its working for you.

Oh my! I'm recompiling my kernel already!

I began to think that this problem was abandoned, but there were work 
going on! Thank you and Robert!

Maxim Maximov

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