5.3-BETA3 panic, probably IPv6+SMP+mpsafenet related

Jan Srzednicki w at expro.pl
Sat Sep 4 07:02:59 PDT 2004


I'm running a fresh (cvsupped just after the BETA3 commit in newvers.sh)
RELENG_5 system. It's a SMP with 2 processors, it's doing some
home-routing with pf. pf and some netgraph stuff is compiled into
kernel, otherwise it's mostly GENERIC.

It seems to me that the panic is IPv6 and mpsafenet (and probably SMP)
related. It happens about an hour after a boot (happened twice, so it's

The system was running stable on BETA2, with mpsafenet=0. I'm now
checking if the panic happens again on this machine with mpsafenet=0.

Here comes the system dmesg:


And here are backtraces for these 2 panics. They're similar, but I'm not
sure if they're of equal importance.


Willing to provide any aditional data on that.

Jan 'wrzask' Srzednicki
w at expro.pl

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