System freeze when useing bfe (Broadcom BCM440x) driver

Bruce Cran bruce at
Fri Sep 3 09:41:39 PDT 2004

On 28 Aug 2004, at 02:34, Daniel O'Connor wrote:

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> On Sat, 28 Aug 2004 07:26, Genius Freak wrote:
>> The kernel is rebuilding now :)
>> I was so desperate I even tried the 5.3 beta1 to see if that would
>> work and it did but it was too much of a beta for me to use, it
>> crashed in sysinstall twice.
> Personally I'd trust 5.3-BETA over 5.2.1...
> If it crashes in sysinstall you should report it (eg the panic 
> message) so
> it's less of a beta when it's released :)

There does seem to be a problem with the BCM driver in 5.3-BETA2, or at 
least some problem with the driver when combined with the ICH ATA 
driver.   After installing lots of distributions and then configuring 
the network, I get a panic on my Inspiron 8500.   However, if I only 
install a couple of distributions then there's no problem.   I've also 
had no further problem with it once it's installed; I've been cvsup'ing 
and adding packages all over the place and the driver seems very 
stable.  If there's some way to get a kernel dump when running from the 
CD (some kernel parameter perhaps?) I'll get an image, but otherwise 
all I've got is a list of symbols from the backtrace.

Bruce Cran

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