[BETA PATCH] VESA mode support for syscons

Bryan Liesner bryan at kishka.net
Fri Sep 3 06:26:29 PDT 2004

On Fri, 3 Sep 2004, Sascha Wildner wrote:

> Cyrille Lefevre wrote:
>> I have tested this patch also, it seems to work well,
>> except that mouse in graphic mode ! it doesn't appear...
>> since I have local modifications, I'll get rid of them
>> and restart from scratch.
> Do you mean the mouse pointer is not visible? If so, have you tried 
> 'vidcontrol -m on'? Is moused running?
> If the problem persists after removing your local modifications, I'd like to 
> know in which mode this happens. Please also attach the output of 'vidcontrol 
> -i mode' and the dmesg of a verbose boot (boot -v).
> Regards,
> Sascha
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I have tried both versions of the syscons patch, and it works fine in 
1024x768 (MODE_279), but blanking the screen with green_saver no 
longer works.  The cursor disappears when the screen saver kicks in, but the 
screen doesn't go blank (suspend mode).  When I hit a key to exit 
from the screen saver, the screen momentarily blanks, then comes back 
to life.  I'm using an LCD flat panel.  It still suspends (DMPS 
suspend) when using xscreensaver.

Thanks for everyone's work on this.

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