how 'supported' are 3ware Escalade controllers?

David G. Lawrence dg at
Thu Sep 2 06:36:25 PDT 2004

>That being said, the critical part for me is performance and
>reliability. I have been using various 3ware cards for some time and I
>have had VERY good results with them and I highly recommend them on
>Intel platforms. (i.e I have zero experience with them on the AMD64). 
>We use them on FreeBSD, LINUX and Windows. 

   We (TeraSolutions) are using the 9500 series in our new line of RAID
servers and have had excellent results from it as well. The performance
is very good and the embeded SSL encrypted web server in the 3dm2
monitoring daemon for array status and configuration is easy to use and
a big improvement compared to other GUI/CLI methods. Highly recommended.


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