ACPI problem while upgrading to 5.3-BETA2

Shantanoo freebsd at
Wed Sep 1 12:00:02 PDT 2004

Following happend:

Had 5.2.1-p9. cvsuped to 5.3-beta2.
In multiuser mode
# cd /usr/src && make buildworld && make buildkernel && make installkernel

Now i reboot. Tried to go in single mode. But failed to do so while
loading 'acpi.ko'.
Rebooted again.
Now booted with ACPI disable.
then fired

# init 1

Installed the world. Rebooted. Then there's now ACPI problem.

If any more info is requied, plz. send mail to me. I am not subscribed
to the list so if possible send me 'Cc:' :)


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