5.3 Beta2 bridging (update 2)

Andre Oppermann andre at freebsd.org
Wed Sep 1 17:08:19 PDT 2004

Dave McCammon wrote:
> Got the bridging to work after cvsup yesterday(I think
> it was the rebuild but not for sure).
> em0 - has ip
> em1 -  no ip
> Anyway, with both cables plugged in, traffic passes
> through the box. Weird thing is, the box can't get to
> (ssh, ping) other machines on the em1 side but can get
> to machines on the em0 side. 
> Machines on the em1 side can get to machines on the
> em0 side. Machines on the em0 side can get to machines
> on the em1 side and can get to the bridging box.
> Ok, I just went and plugged the cables back in(removed
> them last night) and traffic didn't get through. I'm
> now wondering if it isn't something to do with the em
> driver.
> This is completely confusing.
> I built a different kernel to test bridging without
> ipfw. Bridging kernels with and without ipfw worked
> last night. Now nothing.
> Ok, after some more fiddling around, what needs to
> happen is that em1 can't be plugged in until the
> machine has come up(with em0 plugged in).
> After that, traffic passes as stated above. Which
> doesn't bode well if machine gets rebooted.

This seems to be some sort of problem within the bridging code
and learning of MAC address maybe.  I don't know the bridge code
well enough to help you on the spot and I have too much things
on my TODO to go in there.  You should ask luigi at freebsd.org what
to do.  He is the author of this code.


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