atacontrol rebuild, how?

Ben Stuyts ben at
Wed Sep 1 07:54:35 PDT 2004


I have installed beta-2 (31082004) on a Supermicro 5013C-T (P4SCE 
motherboard with ICH5R, and two WD 74 GB Raptor SATA drives, which I 
want to mirror).

I know the ICH5R is not a real raid controller, but I'm trying to get 
it to work using atacontrol and the built-in RAID1 support.

Using the procedure described in 
(thanks!) I managed to get FreeBSD installed on RAID1 on ar0.

Next I tried to remove a drive (atacontrol detach), and even zeroed the 
first area of the disk. After reattaching the drive, I cannot get 
atacontrol to rebuild the drive. If I do atacontrol rebuild ar0, it 
does absolutely nothing. From browsing this mailing list I see that 
this seems to be a problem with using non-raid controllers, but will 
this be improved in the future? Or am I doing something wrong?

What other options do I have? Is geom-vinum ready for this? All I want 
is a fully mirrored system (incl root and swap).

I could put a simple raid controller in, like the Promise S150 TX2Plus 
or TX4, but if I can get it to work with the ICH5R controller that 
would be great.


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