[BETA PATCH] VESA mode support for syscons

Cyrille Lefevre clefevr-current at 9online.fr
Wed Sep 1 05:36:59 PDT 2004

"Deng XueFeng" <dsnofe at msn.com> wrote:
"Sascha Wildner" <saw at online.de> wrote:
> > Deng XueFeng wrote:
> > Oh, I saw that there are threads on freebsd-current. The issues people
> > are having there with their moused complaining are due to some changes
> > in vidcontrol that DragonFly has done. Since the mouse pointer is common
> > to all terminals it can be turned on (and off) only once. After that, it
> > has to be turned off again. moused RCNG tries to turn it on multiple
> > times. This is a bug. Compare our version of moused RCNG at
> >
> > to yours to see where the problem lies.
> I have send the patch to Cyrille Lefevre <clefevr-current at 9online.fr> who
> but forget Cc to maillist.

I'll followup to this patch to the existing PR.

> > I'm gonna put up a new version of the patch later this evening to be
> > committed within the next few days. It has been cleaned up and extended
> > so that 15 and 24 bit modes are also supported. I think it's also a bit
> > faster. I'd recommend that FreeBSD (if they want our stuff) take this
> > patch instead of the first one.
> Cool. I will merge the patch and sendpr.

please, don't send-pr again, but followup to the existing one, instead, thanks.

Cyrille Lefevre.
home: mailto:cyrille.lefevre at laposte.net

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