5.3 RC1 CD Boot

Brendon brendon.humphrey at comcast.net
Sun Oct 31 11:50:51 PST 2004


What I suspect has happened is that sometime since 5.2.1 the ATA subsystem has 
started using DMA with ATAPI devices by default. I just put 5.3 RC1 on my 
laptop last night by booting with a 5.2.1 CD and using the 5.3 cd has the 
media source.

Once the OS was installed, I was still unable to read any CDs (MEDIA_SENSE_BIG 
error or something similar). I saw Soeren advising someone to set 
hw.ata.atapi_dma=0 in loader.conf in a somewhat releated post. Doing this 
worked for me.

I wonder whether there is a way to do this with the Install CD?

Perhaps 4.3 should be released with atapi_dma disabled by default to cater for 
those of use with flaky hardware?

Aside from that, 5.3 RC1 feels slick on my Compaq Presario 2105. Very nice job 


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