Plan for 5.3-RELEASE

Scott Long scottl at
Tue Oct 26 10:49:34 PDT 2004


Today was supposed to be the release day for 5.3, but some serious 
show-stoppers came to light yesterday.  Since the purpose of 5.3 is to
have a functionally stable release that is suitable for migrating to,
we decided to hold up 5.3 until these issues are fixed.  The first issue
deals with TCP SACK problems that result in a livelocked system.  The
second involves GDB leaving threaded processes in an unkillable state.
Fixes for both are under review and will be committed to RELENG_5 in a
few days when preliminary testing is complete.

I've also turned off ULE to help narrow down many of the ambiguous 
problems that are still being reported.  ULE works fine for some, but
it must be eliminated from the environment when you suspect a bug.
I expect to keep ULE off in 5.x until the rate of other problem reports
and decreased and someone takes an active interest in it.

Please continue to test RC1.  At this point I'm not going to promise a
particular date for 5.3-RELEASE, but I would expect it in the next 7-10
days assuming nothing else significant comes up.


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