FreeBSD 5.3b7and poor ata performance

fandino fandino at
Fri Oct 15 11:06:14 PDT 2004


  This is an interesting issue. While I was installing  FreeBSD 5.3b7
I wonder about the performance that the new branch will bring to my
computer, and it was a deception how bad FreeBSD performs compared
with Linux on the same hardware (even I repeat the test on different PC
with identical results).

Tests were done win bonnie++ 1.93c and the results were Linux two
times faster than FreeBSD using the same hardware.

GNU/Linux 2.4.18 with ext2:               56848 K/sec
FreeBSD 5.3b7 with default fs:            26347 K/sec
FreeBSD 5.3b7 ata raid0* (two disks):     26131 K/sec
FreeBSD 5.3b7 geom stripe* (two disks):   30063 K/sec

* these results are even more poor. Each disk of
   the raid give a throughput of approx. 15000 K/sec

Please see the results here:

I'm unable to explain why the performance is so bad, perhaps
someone can explain this low throughput.

Thank you.

developers, shell access is available if necessary. Contact me by
private mail.

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