BIND9 DNS problem

Jon Nathan jon at
Fri Oct 15 06:48:55 PDT 2004

* Adam <leahya at> [10-11-2004 10:11]:
> Hey guys, 
> When I try and query the machine from both it's external and internal IP, I
> get no response for that zone what so ever, however when I attempt to query
> the machine using localhost/loopback I get a proper answer.
> Does anybody have a solution to this problem? It seems quite odd.
Using your bind8 named.conf as a starting point prevented you from
finding what appears to be a bind9 directive:

// If named is being used only as a local resolver, this is a safe default.
// For named to be accessible to the network, comment this option, specify
// the proper IP address, or delete this option.
        // listen-on    {; };
        listen-on       {;; };


Jon Nathan
jon at

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