5.3-Beta7 / router & ntpdate: bug in bootup script or sequence?

spam maps spamrefuse at yahoo.com
Tue Oct 12 07:55:42 PDT 2004

--- Jose M Rodriguez wrote:
> spam maps escribió:
> > Hi,
> >
> > I have a router configured, which must properly
> > synchronize time at bootup. For that purpose I
> > use ntpdate to instantly adjust the time, then
> > have let ntpd keep syncing time while running.
> > All info for ntpdate and ntpd comes from
> > /etc/ntp.conf.
> >
> > (ntpd also becomes the server of the local
> > network, but that's now not so relevant)
> >
> > However, there seems to be something really odd
> > when network access is needed for ntpdate; it
> > simple cannot, and no time adjustment is done.
> >
> > Strangely enough: after bootup I can manually
> > do the same ntpdate command, and it all works.
> >
> > Whatever I tried, nothing seems to help to get
> > ntpdate do its work at bootup. My guess would
> > be that there's something wrong with the bootup
> > scripts or the sequence the scripts are called.
> >
> > The full bootup output, rc.conf and ntp.conf
> > files are here:
> >
> >    http://cisr.snu.ac.kr/ntpdate.txt
> >
> I see this before. You are using named from here.
> Seems it may have a race condition between named
> and ntpdate.
> Try put an external nameserver on /etc/resolv.conf

Even without named (named_enabled="NO"), and
proper nameservers in /etc/resolv.conf, I get
similar problems. See


for the bootup process.

I'm really puzzled why ntpdate is behaving so
strange here. Is there a race condition between
the network setup and ntpdate ?

What makes it difficult to investigate, is that
it only happens at bootup; after bootup, the
ntpdate command works just fine!

Yes, indeed I can avoid using ntpdate, but I believe
there's something of a bootup bug here, which
might be worthwhile finding....


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