Broadcom bge and 802.1Q vlan tags

Don Bowman don at
Tue Oct 12 05:32:43 PDT 2004

Roubícek Zdenek:
>  Hello current
>  I have run into a problem with my Broadcom NIC (Dell 
> LATITUDE D600). I am not able to detect 802.1Q tags on 
> incoming interface with ethereal or tcpdump. All incoming 
> packets seems like they are not coming through trunk but as 
> native ETH frames, ie. the vlan tag is missing, probably 
> removed before being passed to tcpdump?


do you have if_vlan loaded? try 'kldload if_vlan'.
This happens automatically if you create a vlan interface, but
you may not have one if you are just sniffing.

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