How to safely clean out /lib, /usr/lib?

Alexander at Alexander at
Tue Oct 12 01:26:43 PDT 2004

Zitat von Kirk Strauser <kirk at>:

> I have a metric buttload of ancient libraries in /lib and /usr/lib, some
> probably going back to the original FreeBSD 3.3 installation on the
> machine.  I've run libchk to get a list of unreferenced libraries, but I
> wanted to ask before I throw myself to the mercy of my backup tape: is
> there any reason not to delete all of those old libraries?

Can you send me a filelist please? I'm working on Makefile targets to get rid of
the old files/libs/dirs.

If you've recompiled _everything_ (even software which wasn't installed via
/usr/ports), there's no obvious reason to not delete them. But even if there's
something which doesn't work after removing them: it should be easy to
recompile the failing software.


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