Are USB 2 hubs supported in FreeBSD 5.3?

Doug White dwhite at
Mon Oct 11 19:06:35 PDT 2004

On Fri, 8 Oct 2004 bruce at wrote:

> Are USB 2 hubs supported?  If they're not supported, is there a way
> to enable EHCI, and force a USB 2 hub to operate in USB 1 mode?

High-speed hubs are not currrently supported.

I don't think ehci knows how to talk to non-high-speed devices. If you
plug a non-high-speed device into an EHCI-served port, it lets the uhci
emulation layer take over.

Obviously disabling or removing the ehci device from you rkernel will
allow you to use your devices at USB1 speeds.  EHCI has some, er,
interesting issues anyway, and need some serious work...

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