sysinstall generates invalid partition table

Emanuel Strobl Emanuel.Strobl at
Mon Oct 11 00:53:53 PDT 2004


with BETA7 it's not possible to create two slices because sysinstall then 
marks these two slices active!

Another question: Why is sysinstall (and fdisk) reading CHS values to complain 
about them? I have a NULLed disk (lowlevel formated) and sysinstall complains 
about wrong geometry, regardless of the BIOS setting.

Another problem (which I originaly started in questions@ [MBR not overwritable 
with dd?]) with fdisk is that it shows a certain partition in the table with 
a start sector 63 and id 165 on a completely NULLed disk, so there's no 
partition table and MBR at all. That's not the way it should work is it?

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