5.3-BETA7: what is purpose of empty directory /etc/ntp/ ?

spam maps spamrefuse at yahoo.com
Mon Oct 11 00:41:51 PDT 2004

Erik Trulsson wrote:
> spam maps wrote:
>>There's a directory /etc/ntp/ which is empty
>>and doesn't seem to serve any purpose.
> The cvs log for /etc/mtree/BSD.root.dist says:
>   revision 1.67
>   date: 2004/07/21 10:14:10;  author: roberto; 
state: Exp;  lines: +2 -0
>   Add /etc/ntp to hold keys for ntpd.

However, 'man ntp.keys' says:

     ntp.keys -- NTP daemon key file format

     /etc/ntp.keys   the default name of the
                     configuration file

So that seems to be not in sync then !?!

Either ntp.keys manpage should have
/etc/ntp/ntp.keys as default, or that
revision 1.67 was not appropriate.


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