"panic: spin lock entropy harvest mutex not in order list"

Robert Huff roberthuff at rcn.com
Sun Oct 10 18:19:10 PDT 2004

	About 2000 UTC Sunday I cvsuped system source and rebuilt.
	"make buildworld" went fine.  (Log available)
	"make buildkernel" also good.  (Log also available)
	I installed the new kernel and rebooted.
	When the system came up, I got:

	Real memory: XXXXXXXXX
	Avail memory: YYYYYYYYY
	panic: spin lock entropy harvest mutex not in order list
	KDB: enter: panic
	[thread 0]

	at which point neither the USB or PS/2 keyboards were
recognized.  (i.e. no trace or dump)

	I still have a workable machine (and volunteer as poster
person for why the procedure in the Handbook is correct); I also
have a debug kernel, dmesg (from the old kernel - no hardware
changes) and kernel config available on request.
	I checked the mailing list archives and UPDATING and found
nothing which seemed applicable.
	Have I just caught a hiccup in the development process?

				Robert Huff

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