mount_msdosfs tries to load nonexistent

Ryan Sommers ryans at
Sun Oct 10 07:47:20 PDT 2004

Oleg V. Nauman wrote:

>	So, my questions:
>1. Why dependens for the third party software not documented in the
>man 8 mount_msdosfs?
What version of FreeBSD are you on? Your mount_msdosfs binary is looking 
for /lib/ which I think is now /lib/ (that's 
what my mount_msdosfs look for anyway). I imagine this is because of the 
recent library version bump, and doing an upgrade of your world (and 
kernel depending how out of date your world is) will get you going.

>2. And why not exist any fallbacks (seat bealts) for this behaviour
>in the system vital software such mount? Well, I'm ready for looking
>any '?' instead any russian letters :) but not DoS for my system under
>next reboot. This behaviour prevents from normal booting process and
>causes to prompt me for enter shell - yes, we are in the single user
>mode without any problems...
There is a seatbelt for this. Boot into single user mode. mount -uo rw 
/; mount /usr; vi /etc/fstab. Comment out the offending fstab line and 
then reboot. You'll be able to go multi-user while fixing the problem.

Ryan Sommers
ryans at

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