Aureal Vortex aureal-kmod and BETA3+ failing

MateuszJędrasik imachine at
Sat Oct 9 21:05:59 PDT 2004


somewhere along the lines of BETA2-3 the aureal vortex card broke for

it reads (on BETA5):

pcm0: <Aureal Vortex 8830> port 0xe000-0xe007, 0xdc00-0xdc07 mem
pcm0: failed: rid 0x14 is ioport, requested 3
pcm0: failed: rid 0x18 is ioport, requested 3

it also creates a magical tendency of hard locking the machine /no
response no nothing just a LOCK/

i use the aureal-kmod port built from scratch with the current sources
and aparently this is all i recieve.

i will try updating to RC once it comes out and rebuilding it /running
BETA5 now/ maybe it will somewhat help - i have heard people had some
luck with running the aureal kmod problem free.

cheers and hope maybe someone has resolved a similar problem ;]

Mateusz Jędrasik <imachine at>

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