Matthias Andree matthias.andree at uni-dortmund.de
Sat Oct 9 04:05:06 PDT 2004

Jacques A. Vidrine schrieb am 2004-10-08:

> > All that is needed is that interfaces that cannot communicate a
> > temporary failure and do not fail when used without NIS (such as
> > getpw*()) retry forever until they can offer a permanent result.
> Though your PR may have merit, this is not a "showstopper bug" for
> 5.3.  FreeBSD has this behavior since the dawn of time, as does Linux
> (IIRC).

About time this was fixed then after such a long period of falsely
claiming that existing users were nonexistent within periods of
NIS/network trouble.

Linux's (GNU libc's, to be precise) current behaviour is nothing more
than a poor and incomplete copy of Solaris' "name service switch"
interface - Linux lacks TRYAGAIN=forever functionality with is the
default on Solaris for anything but DNS (and the DNS-related interfaces
such as gethostbyname DO have a means to distinguish temporary from
permanent error).

The problem is that the current code, in case of a temporary problem,
pretends that there was a permanent condition, and this must end, very
few applications (if any) check for errno.

Convenience link:

What _technical_ reason is there that prevents a fix? (don't tell me
we've been doing this for so long or WackOS XYZ has been doing this for
so long). Currently, FreeBSD's NIS implementation is a fair weather

The issue at hand is also found to be annoying and reported by other
people, see for instance Rahul Dhesi's post to the GNU libc bug report
list: http://www.mail-archive.com/bug-glibc@gnu.org/msg07471.html


I have recently been burnt _again_ by this issue and I am more than
annoyed. If all that is missing is someone who hacks libc, I'll try my
best but I have little experience with RPC so I'm not sure if I can come
up with something quickly.


Matthias Andree

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