Vinum problems in 5.3-BETA7?

Patrick M. Hausen hausen at
Fri Oct 8 05:35:47 PDT 2004

Hi, Lukas!

> > Where do I go from here? Is this expected behaviour due to the ongoing
> > GEOM changes or should I go read Greg's "how to debug vinum problems"
> > document? I will do that, no problem. Just want to know if it makes
> > sense at all, because now everyone might tell me "vinum is known broken in
> > 5.3" or similar.
> Please switch to geom_vinum.  Put 'geom_vinum_load="YES"' in your 
> loader.conf and change your fstab to /dev/gvinum.

Since geom_vinum wasn't in the earlier betas I expected it was
scheduled for after 5.3-RELEASE. I'm puzzled by the amount of
feature changes during the current beta process. Bind 9 is
another example. Shouldn't there be a feature freeze at the
first beta and only bug fixing until release?

OTOH geom_vinum is definitely good news. I'll give it a try
right now and report the results.

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