debug over firewire amd64 -> i386

Sean McNeil sean at
Fri Oct 8 01:17:30 PDT 2004

I've read what I could about this and I've setup my machines connected
via firewire.  I haven't gone through all the work yet, so I thought I
would ask to make sure it is possible:

	The target system is amd64
	the host system is i386

Will this pose a problem?  I'm pretty sure I can create a cross gdb that
should work on i386 for the amd64 platform.  In fact my first build for
the amd64 was from the system in i386 mode.  I migrated from i386 to
amd64.  That was fun.  I just wanted to ping the list to see if there is
something I've missed.

I have dcons working and can see the console on the i386 side so the
link is working.  It's just a matter of understanding the gdb portion.


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