beta7 fails to load if_rl.ko on a clean install

jason jason at
Thu Oct 7 22:17:34 PDT 2004

I just installed beta7 on a new computer to night and could not get the 
wireless pci card from linksys to work.  I found out it was a realtek 
chip inside it with the linksys model wmp54g.  When I found out it was a 
1839(I think that was it) I tried the if_rl driver and it bombed with 
something like:

module rl/miibus failed to register: 17

I had to retype it.  I can get you more details later, but if anyone had 
a working rl card before beta7 let me know and I will down grade.  It 
seems no one else has noticed this problem before now because this is 
not in the mail archives from my quick searching.  Kldloading ether rl 
or miibus gives error messages btw.  I will have the computer set up on 
a cable tomorrow, but only temporally.  It will be going wireless later. 

I have seen no docs on project evil, I just read some of what was on the 
list, so if this is a case where I need to use it let me know.


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