Thinkpad T41 Sleep issues

takawata at takawata at
Thu Oct 7 19:47:23 PDT 2004

In message <5ad23a300410071928791fa9c at>, Jordan Sissel wrote:
>I'm having a few issues with sleep mode with my Thinkpad T41.

Hmm, I don't get it work DRM module in my ThinkPad X31.

>There are two separate issues here:
>1) Waking from sleep while in X and the radeon kernel module is loaded
>garbles the screen and locks the machine. If the module is not
>available for loading while X starts up, sleeping and waking are both
>fine while in X.

DRM kernel module has no suspend/resume routine for
system suspend/resume. 

>2) Waking from sleep with moused running breaks the mouse. moused must
>be restarted in order for mouse control to happen.

to /boot/device.hints  may help you I think.

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