Problems with mount_smbfs

Tom Jensen tom at
Thu Oct 7 15:13:17 PDT 2004

When I try to use mount_smbfs I get the following error
/usr/libexec/ mount_smbfs: Undefined symbol "vfsisloadable"
I have to mount_smbfs on my system as seen below
bash-2.05b# ls -l /sbin/mount_smbfs 
-r-xr-xr-x  1 root  wheel  9284 Jun  5  2003 /sbin/mount_smbfs
bash-2.05b# ls -l /usr/sbin/mount_smbfs 
-r-xr-xr-x  1 root  wheel  8876 Oct  7 20:53 /usr/sbin/mount_smbfs
If I just run the version found in /usr/sbin one time the error goes away.
uname info:
FreeBSD 5.3-BETA7 FreeBSD 5.3-BETA7 #2: Tue Oct  5 02:09:29
CEST 2004     x@ <mailto:x at>  i386
I started to se this problem when I did an upgrade from a. 5.2.1 (source
from 05-feb-2004) to 5.3-Beta3
Can anybody se what's wrong, except for the fact that the version in /sbin/
is very old(probably from the base install of version 5.1) and apparently
not get updated when doing a upgrade ?
More info needed ?
- Tom

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