i386 on amd64 : bge0 watchdog timeout

Arno J. Klaassen arno at heho.snv.jussieu.fr
Thu Oct 7 12:27:18 PDT 2004


I'm aware this is a known bug; just to share my experiences :

- GENERIC is quite unusable when networked : no cvsup
  or scp of some non-trivial file will not end in
  freezing the network
- put HZ=1000 and you do not even get your prompt
  back after typing cvsup
- leaving out ACPI is not an option since the system
  simply does not boot without it

- attached is a config-file which is more or less usable :
  basically I put HZ=50 and left out firewire and SMP:

- I can cvsup /usr/src in 2 or 3 tries
- just surfing and xchat works OK

remarks :

- I doubt this is driver related, e.g. when I launce a big scp
  and do a "tar -zxpf some100MB.tgz" in another window,
  box freezes right after the tar has finished ....
- I still get the ata LBA timeout messages as well (and forcing
  PIO4 makes things only very worse)
- there's nothing to set in the BIOS but the date
- when I attach a USB mouse it works OK for some minutes
  and then basta, no more interrupts seen in vmstat -i

(leaving out atapicam doesnt matter either)

Just hope this might help to put someone on the right track.



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